About me

The mantra that I live by is “give, even if you only have a little”.

Whether that be putting loose change into a charity box, posting encouragement to others on Twitter, or even just smiling at a stranger in the street. By giving to others, you will gain so much yourself.

It was the reason behind my building this website. I wanted to show others how they could make money while working from home or from anywhere in the world that they want to be, by becoming a forex trader. I wanted to show that I can help others avoid the mistakes that I made and save them a lot of money by pointing them in the right direction right from the start.

Working with one simple strategy

I realised that it was possible to help others after my partner Pook asked if I would teach her how to trade forex. She knew nothing about trading at that point. Cutting out all of the mistakes and misinformation that I had been through, in less than a month, Pook was trading and beginning to show profitability and consistency.

The thing that amazes me about trading is that it is an absolute level playing field. To succeed, you do not need friends in high places. There is no nepotism, no discrimination. If I screw up, it is down to no one else but me. You can rock up from any part of the world and any background, rich or poor, work hard at it and be as successful as anyone. You can learn how to trade using a demo account for free. Then once you have developed your skill, you can begin trading live with as little as $200